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These are the lines that had mostly original content but not segmented or multiple recordings on one tape like the Dial-A-Jokes.

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Connections Museum (Seattle)
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Shokus Internet Radio

Phun-Fone / Funfone
Run by Stu "Phun-Fone"
990-4936 Located in Sherman Oaks
The name was changed from "The Shokus Hotline". Played original content. The recordings had more harsh language in it. Maybe that is why FunFone was started. The recordings created several memorable characters. Stu was always the one that finds things out of control. His reactions to these situations and what he did where entertaining. He would pair up with Fluke's"Uncle Jeffy"in several tapes as the Jeffy character, or sometimes"Arthur P. Telephony" (Telephone Security). Jeffy told me that it would sometimes take weeks for his voice to go back to normal.

Phun Fone Schedule July 1975

Phun Fone Schedule July 1976

For Over The Air Broadcasters:
For commercial play, please write to Stu for permission.

All of the Phun Fone tapes are owned by Stu, who created, wrote, directed, produced, & starred in most of them.

Telephone-Entertainment.com has an official license for the playback of these recordings and offers them here in a single-listener streaming format only. We do not have the authority to copy, lease or allow the re-use of these in any way, shape, or form.

If you are interested in re-purposing or broadcasting via the airwaves or via the Internet any of these recordings, permission must be obtained from the owner.


Started 3/20/1975
The Beginnings Of Funfone
Recordings Before The Gang From Fluke

Directory Assistance Mess

Time 3:48
Will Be Added Later
I need to find the WAV file or create another one
Stu Calls directory assistance and runs into an ex-installer that wrecked Phun-Fone.

How Television Works

Time 6:12

Network Television

Time 6:12
Stu give his impression of the television networks.

Phone Number Changed

Time 3:37
Phunfone's number was changed and Stu calls to get it changed back.
The number in real life was changed without Stu's authorization.

Introducing Ron Weinstein

Time 1:09
Stu inroduces one of the voices on Phunfone.

Toothpaste Commercial

Time 2:21

Played A Joke On A Caller

Time 3:14
Will Be Added Later
I need to find the WAV file or create a new one
Stu answers live on one caller that keeps calling back.

Talking With Stu

Time 4:21
Will Be Added Later
I need to find the WAV file or create a new one
Stu sets it up so that you can make your friends think that you are talking with Stu.

Al Bernay Interviews

Interview #1

Interview #2

Interview #3

Interview #4

Interview #5

Interview #11

Interview #15

Another Al Bernay InterviewNew2022

Fluke Interview #1New2022

Fluke Interview #2New2022

Jeffy Interview #1New2022

Jeffy Interview #2New2022

Stu Interview #1New2022

Stu Interview #2New2022

The Fluke Gang Join Funfone Recordings:

Fluke, Uncle Jeffy & Evelyn
Later Additions:
Oscar Malloy, Ronnie Tarzana, Uncle Brucie,
Max W. Chips, J Edgar & Larry West Los Angeles

Testing A New Microphone

Time 0:29

#1  Bain Gets Promoted

#2  Fluke Gets Kidnapped Part 1

Time 3:19
Stu starts to make a tape with Fluke when he suddenly disappears.

#3  Fluke Gets Kidnapped Part 2

Time 3:35
Originally named "Where Is Fluke"
Here Stu and Jeffy find the clues to get back their Fluke.

#4  Fluke Gets Kidnapped Part 3

Time 4:32
Originally named "Bernay Has Fluke"
Stu and Jeffy go out to Al Bernay's to find Fluke.

#5  Fluke Gets Kidnapped Part 4

Time 2:45
Originally named "Fluke Is Rescued"
Fluke is forced to sell "Maps To Stars Homes". Stu has an idea on making Bernay release Fluke.

#6  Stu Loses His Temper

Time 4:21
Stu complains about the other cast members and kicks them out one by one. The cast outside enjoys listening to Stu's frustration while he is struggling do everyones part.

#7  Aid A Friend

Time 5:28
A television show that helps people in need. Al Bernay is one of the needy.

#8  The Mating Game

Time 4:03
A spoof of the game show "The Dating Game".

#9  George PuttPutt

Time 3:19
A spoof on the local news anchor (at that time) George Putnam. Back then he was a news anchor on KTTV channel 11 here in Los Angeles.

#10a  Bernay Follies

Time 1:57

#10b  Handy Dandy's Commercial

Time 2:11
Stu is the announcer for this supermarket ad.

#11  A Boring Yearly Moment

Time 2:39

#12  Trouble Or Constipation

Time 4:38
Spoof on the show "Truth or Consequences". Al Bernay plays one of the contestants as his usual phone character.

#13  The Bet

Time 7:33
Fluke bets Stu that he can't keep his temper for 24-hours. Fluke does his best to sabotage it.

#14  Stu's Nightmare

Time 3:07

#15  Jeffy Becomes Bernay

Time 5:52
Stu invents a formula that ends up changing Jeffy's personality.

#16  Bernay Becomes Jeffy

Time 3:58
This time Bernay get effected by this and becomes Jeffy.

#17  Changing Personalities

Time 7:31
Stu & Fluke find a way to change Jeffy & Bernay back to abnormal.

#18  What's My Telephone Line

Time 4:20
A spoof of the game show "What's My Line".

#19  A Visit From Telco

Time 7:36
Fluke stops by with phone equipment he took from an empty office. Stu puzzled by why anyone would steal phones suddenly gets a knock from Telco security.
Arthur P. Telephony played by Uncle Jeffy.

#20  Uncle Bernay's Club

Time 6:03
Al Bernay's kiddies show. Very funny.

#21  Fluke Becomes A D.J.

Time 8:12
Fluke gets a chance to be a radio DJ and messes things up.

#22  Stu's TV Antenna

Time 3:48
Stu is getting bad TV reception and Fluke helps him out.

#23  Stu Renews His Drivers License

Time 5:45
Stu has some problems renewing his license.

#24  Mr. Telephony Returns

Time 7:55
Mr. Telephony tries real hard to bust Stu and Fluke.

#25  The Entertainer's Club

Time 6:31
Stu and Fluke try to join this upscale, but predjudice club.

#26  Beat The Schlock

Time 4:49
Spoof of a game show called "Beat The Clock".

#27  Fluke's Eccentric Uncle

Time 6:34
Fluke inherits an old telephone switching office from his uncle. The conditions are that Fluke stays in it overnight. He brings Stu for support.

#28  Stu's Apartment Goes Into Pictures

Time 5:05
A movie producer offers Stu $500 a day to shoot movies in his apartment.
Director played by Uncle Jeffy

#29  The Runaway

Time 4:57
Arthur P. Telephony's son runs away and shows up at Stu's apartment.

#30  Jeffy Gets Pregnant

Time 4:44 Played: 10/20/75
Jeffy goes in for his yearly medical checkup.

#31  Jeffy Gets Labor Pains

Time 5:55

#32  Jeffy Gives Birth

Time 3:54
It finally happens......

#33  Stu Cashes A Check

Time 3:12
Stu goes through some difficulties cashing a check for his boss.

#34  Stu Goes On TV

Time 7:04
Stu tries not to talk about his friends and ends up telling how he writes his friends in the Funfone scripts.

#35  A Case Of Phones

Time 6:34
Fluke accidently switches briefcases at the airport with Arthur P. Telephony.

#36  Yack Back

Time 6:25 Played: 12/1/75
It's time for Yack Back with George PutPutt.

#37  The Babysitter

Time 7:38
Stu is given the job of babysitting the bosses kid.

#38  The Burglar

Time 7:50
Jeffy begs Stu to stay over because he is afraid of a burglar that has been hitting the neighborhood.

#39  Christmas With The Telephony's

Time 8:17
Mrs. Telephony shows up at Stu's door. Another runaway.

#40  Jeffy's Lamp

Time 10:31
Recorded: 12/14/75 -- Played: 1/5/76

Jeffy is leaving his place to Fluke and Stu to take care of. Jeffy wants them to be extra careful of his lamp.

#41  Jeffy's Surprise Party

Time 6:01
Fluke's birthday presents for Jeffy are a bunch of phone equipment. Then Jeffy gets busted by Arthur P. Telephony.

#42  Pissword

Time 10:54
Stu finds himself as a contestant on the gameshow. Jeffy wants to help Stu out and be his partner.

#43  Stu Fires Fluke

Time 9:57
Fluke makes one too many mistakes. Stu quickly tries to find a replacement.

#44  Fluke's Cold

Time 5:22
First of a three part series. Fluke has been caughing during a recording session. Stu tries to cure Fluke with one of his newest cures.

#45  It's High Low Time

Time 7:06
Stu tries to change Fluke's voice back to normal.

#46  Stabilization

Time 5:28
Fluke's voice changes back and stu gets a bonus from all of this.

#47  You Drive Me Crazy

Time 5:26
Stu teaches his bosses son to drive.

#48  SnatchGame 76

Time 11:38
A spoof on the game show, "Match Game 76".

#49  Disconnection is a 13-Letter Word

Time 5:51
Part 1 of a two part series. Mr. Telephony does whatever he can to get Phunfone disconnected, and any other phone entertainment line.

#50  Stu And Fluke Go To Court

Time 5:54
Part 2 of 'Disconnection is a 13-Letter Word'. Try as he might, Funfone is safe from disconnection.

#51  Stu Makes A Revised Movie

Time 6:07
Recorded: 1/18/1976 -- Played: 3/29/1976

Stu's experimental film class has a contest. Jeffy and Max help him out.

#52  Fluke Moves In

Time 10:30
Fluke needs to move out after graduating from high school. He tries to convince Stu to let him move in.

#53  Stu's Double

Time 2:34
A Stu lookalike escapes from prison and makes life crazy for Stu.

#54  Two Stu's Are Better Than One

Time 5:48
This is Part 2 when the Stu look-alike finally gets caught.

#55  Stu Writes A Song

Time 7:37
You think Jeffy was bad singing, wait until you hear Stu.

#56  Jeffy's Plane Trip

Time 5:49
Everybody is trying to keep Jeffy calm.
Note: Last tape with Fluke as a regular voice

#57  Rooftop Riff-Raff

Time 6:10
Recorded: 3/28/76 -- Played: 5/10/76

Stu gets locked out and Uncle Jeffy helps out, again.

#58  Today I Am A Man

Time 6:15
Recorded: 3/28/76 -- Played 5/17/76

Stu's friends play a practical joke.

#59  Jeffy's Foot

Time 7:21
Recorded: 3/28/76 -- Played: 5/24/76

Jeffy has a headache that does not go away. He goes to Doctor Doctor and develops a purple foot.

#60  Man From Microphone

Time 5:17
Recorded: 3/28/76 -- Played: 5/31/76

Just like "Candid Microphone", he tries to get Stu to say something bad about his boss. Stu is wise to him and says something nice about his boss. Stu tells his boss to listen in on the show. Man from Microphone then turns the tables on Stu.

#61  Stu Goes On A Diet

Time 5:43
Recorded: 3/28/76 -- Played: 6/7/76

Stu discovers that he is still gaining weight on his new diet.

#62  Captain Jeffy Part 1 Favorite

Time 6:15
Recorded: 4/3/76 -- Played: 6/14/76

Stu warns Uncle Jeffy about reading too many comic books. Jeffy falls asleep, reading his comic books and dreams of being a super hero. Al Bernay is one of the bad guys.
Written by: Herbie the Nerd & Steve Bloopline

#63  Captain Jeffy Part 2 Favorite

Time 5:50
Recorded: 4/3/76 -- Played: 6/21/76

Uncle Jeffy and his sidekick Stu finally get away from Big Al. They foiled Al's plans to take over the worlds phone system.
Written by: Herbie the Nerd & Steve Bloopline

#64  The Substitute

Time 10:37
Stu stands in for Tom Santa Monica at his shop and deals with all the customers. Stu is in for more than what he bargained for.

#65  Phone-A-Thon

Time 12:11
The Phunfone gang decide to start a Phone-A-Thon. They want to collect enough money to buy out the phone company and upgrade the phone system.

#66  The Big Switch

Time 7:31
The phone company calls Stu to tell him that his service is changing to another provider.
Written by: Max W. Chips

#67  Stu Goes On A Date

Time 5:19
Stu is frustrated with his job that he loves. He asks his date where she wanted to go and she picked Universal Studios, where Stu works, and then go see a show being taped. (Sounds Like Stu's real sister)
Written by: Steve Northridge

#68  The Credit Card Caper

Time 4:46
Recorded: 6/28/76 -- Played: 7/26/76

Stu encounters an error on his gas bill. He is confronted by the automated help when he calls on the phone that gets him nowhere. Stu takes a trip down to the company to complain.

#69  Stu, That Was Your Life

Time 8:50
A spoof on "This Is Your Life". Stu is surprised when he is chosen to be put on a TV show that reviews his life.

#69  Stu, That Was Your Life - Outtakes

#70  Calling For Cash

Time 9:34
Stu trying to get Phunfone's ratings up, starts a show that gives away cash. He calls random phone numbers so that no one could win.

#71  Stu's Sore Throat

Time 4:56
Stu tries to get rid of his sore throat before the next tape.
Written by: Rufus Levi

#72  Fluke's New Car

Time 5:40
Fluke buys a car from 1944. Stu thinks it's an old gangster car.

#73  Stu Goes To The Movies

Time 11:30
Stu & Jeffy go to an XXX movie. Jeffy overreacts in excitement.
Written by: Herbie The Nerd

#74  The Day After Yesterday

Time 6:31
It's a spoof on one of those TV talk shows.

#75  Stay Away, Kutter

Time 8:52
Recorded: 8/15/76 -- Played: 9/27/76

A spoof on the TV series "Welcome Back, Kotter".

#76  Schlocky Soap Opera

Time 5:50
This time Stu tries to make Phunfone sound like a soap opera.

#77  Telephone Jeopardy

Time 6:22
A spoof on the TV game show "Jeopardy".

#78  Slave Girl

Time 6:39
Stu is introduced to a girl that claims she is his slave. She cleans his place and does everything for him.

#79  Jeffy's Brother

Time 6:23
Recorded: 8/15/76 -- Played: 10/25/76

Jeffy expects his rich brother decided to move in.

#80  The Elevator Experience

Time 6:01
Recorded: 8/8/76 -- Played: 11/1/76

Stu and Jeffy get stuck in an elevator, stuck between the 8th and 9th floor. Jeffy is sure that this is the end for him.

#81  Stu's Foreign Language

Formally "From Backwards To Forwards"
Time 6:31
Recorded: 9/19/76 -- Played: 11/8/76

Stu gets so mad that he starts talking backwards.

#82  From Backwards To Forwards And Back Again

Time 6:36
Recorded: 9/18/76 -- Played: 11/15/76

Doctor Doctor helps Stu get back his speech.

#83  Oscar's New Personality

Time 6:08
Recorded: 9/18/76 -- Played: 11/22/76

Oscar talks about a dream he had and it comes true.

#84  Uncle Jeffy Superstar

Time 10:34
Recorded: 9/18/76 -- Played: 11/29/76

Jeffy makes a demo tape. His tape gets mixed up with someone else.

#85  Stu The Scrooge

Time 9:42
Recorded: 9/18/76 -- Played: 12/6/76

Stu says "Bah, Humbug" about Christmas, and guess what happens.

#86  Stu's Linguistics Report

Time 10:04
Stu has to come up with a report on foriegn languages. He gets some help from "M" Squared.

#87  The Brat

Time 6:21
Recorded: 11/28/76 -- Played: 1/10/77

"M" Squared sends his nephew over to Stu's to babysit.

#88  The $200,000 Pyramid

Time 11:13
Stu tries another gameshow and discovers that Jeffy is again his partner.

#89  Jeffy And The Hooker

Time 6:24
Recorded: 11/28/76 -- Played: 1/24/77

Jeffy thinks that Oscar is making a practical joke.

#90  Stu's Practical Joke

Time 11:57
Recorded: 11/28/76 -- Played: 1/31/77

Stu calls Oscar and pretends to be from the phone company, and says that they have detected Blue Box activity. Oscar gets even with Uncle Jeffy's help.

#91  Oscar's Invention Favorite

Time 10:01
Recorded: 12/12/76 -- Played: 2/7/77

Oscar Malloy invents a new type of telephone called the Dial-And-Shout. You can get thru to your calling party with just one ring, no matter how many rings it normally takes for them to answer. Stu calls some of his friends, then he calls Al Bernay to see if it really works.

#92  Jeffy's Passion

Time 6:44
Recorded: 12/12/76 -- Played: 2/14/77

Jeffy doesn't get too many fan letters. So Stu and Uncle Brucie write a fan letter.

#93  The Bang Show Favorite

Time 12:54
Recorded: 12/12/76 -- Played: 2/21/77

A spoof on "The Gong Show". Al Bernay is one of the celebrity critics.

#94  Thirty Minutes To Life!

Time 6:11
Recorded: 12/12/76 -- Played: 2/28/77

Stu goes to the dentist to see about his bad tooth. He goes under and somehow thinks that he has thirty minutes to live.

#95  Jeffy Wants A Job

Time 11:21
Recorded: 12/12/76 -- Played: 3/7/77

Jeffy begs to get a job seating people at television show tapings.

#96  Oscar Crys Wolf

Time 9:18
Stu and Oscar try to look for new talent to make Phunfone tapes.

#97  Oscar Returns

Time 12:30
Oscar comes back as a ghost to help Stu.

#98  Doctor Who?

Time 7:00
Recorded: 1/8/77 -- Played: 4/18/77

Doctor Doctor forget who he is.

#99  The Border

Time 11:03
Recorded: 1/8/77 -- Played: 4/25/77

Stu is low on money and wants to bring in a border. He later has some suspissions about his new renter.

#100  A Day At The Zoo Favorite

Time 6:31
Recorded: 1/8/77 -- Played: 5/2/77

Stu, Uncle Jeffy & Uncle Brucie go to the zoo. The zoo closes and they get stuck in the monkey's cage. They are surprised when they call up the zookeeper.
Written by: Beverly Hills Rich

#101  Lust In Space

Time 5:50
A spoof of the "Lost In Space" television series.

#102  The First 100 Are The Hardest

Time 12:12
A look back at the first 100 Phunfone recordings.

#103  The Dipshits

Time 12:08
Recorded: 3/27/77 -- Played: 5/23/77

A spoof on a game show. Al Bernay is a contestant.

#104  The Storm

Time 9:49
"M Squared" get two unexpected guests during a storm.

#105  Stu's Allergy

Time 10:03
Stu seems to be allergic to something in his house.

#106  Cousin Elmer

Time 6:13
Recorded: 3/27/77 -- Played: 6/13/77

Jeffy bet Stu that he could not make it working on a farm. Stu decides to pay a visit to cousin Elmer.

#107  Stu's New Landlord

Time 11:00
Recorded: 4/4/77 -- Played: 6/20/77

Stu has a new landlord that is very strict on rules.

#108  Stu And Jeffy Fight

Time 11:49
Recorded: 4/4/77 -- Played: 6/27/77

Uncle Jeffy blows his lines and is getting ready to get rid of him. This guy at Tel-A-Joke on the east coast wants to hire him.

#109  The Joke Line Convention

Time 12:20
Recorded: 4/4/77 -- Played: 7/11/77

Stu gives a talk about Phunfone at the Joke Line Convention. The convention is a cover for phreaking.

#110  Bully For Jeffy

Time 7:24
Recorded: 4/4/77 -- Played: 7/18/77

Stu sets up a CB radio at his house. Jeffy starts a fight with someone on the air, Stu's new neighbor.

#111  Stu's TV Project

Time 6:23
Recorded: 6/26/77 -- Played: 7/25/77

Stu has Ronnie, Jeffy, M Squared and Brucie help him out on his project.

#112  Guess That Song

Time 6:10
Recorded: 6/26/77 -- Played: 8/1/77

A spoof of the game show "Name That Tune".

#113  Road Squad

Time 6:11
Recorded: 6/26/77 -- Played: 8/8/77

A spoof of the show called "Highway Patrol".

#114  Ronnie's Commercial

Time 9:43
Recorded: 6/26/77 -- Played: 8/15/77

Stu applies for a job in a commercial. It's for a product that calms your nerves. Stu can't stay calm. Ronnie gets the job.

#115  The Auction

Time 6:23
Recorded: 6/26/77 -- Played: 8/22/77

Stu and Jeffy go to an auction.

#116  For Whom Ma Bell Tolls

Time 11:28
Recorded:6/17/78 -- Played: TBA

Stu finds toll calls on his phone bill. He goes right to the phone company business office.

#117  How Stu Met Jeffy

Time 13:41
Recorded:6/17/78 -- Played: TBA

#118  Commercials Not Shown On TV

Time 9:55
Recorded:6/17/78 -- Played: TBA

#119  Jeffy Runs For Office Part 1

Time 13:03
Recorded:6/17/78 -- Played: TBA

#120  Jeffy Runs For Office Part 2

Time 10:34
Recorded:6/17/78 -- Played: TBA

#121  Family Fight

Time: 16:59
Recorded: 9/23/78 -- Played: On Feedback

A spoof on the game show "Family Feud". One the one side you have "The Bernay's". The other side you have "The Phun-Fone's".

Made for Feedback in the summer of 1978

#122  I Love Mertz

Time: 10:02
Recorded: 9/23/78 -- Played: On Feedback

It's Rickey Recardo & Fred Mertz, living together after parting from their wives many years ago.

Made for Feedback in the summer of 1978

#123  Maps To You

Time: 14:32
Recorded: 9/23/78 -- Played: On Feedbacl

Stu and the gang try to sabotage Al Bernay's map business.

Made for Feedback in the summer of 1978

#124  Safe and Gentle Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Time: 16:25
Recorded: 9/23/78 -- Played: On Feedback

Made for Feedback in the summer of 1978

#125  To Spill The Beans

Time: 11:15
Recorded: 9/23/78 -- Played: On Feedback

Made for Feedback in the summer of 1978


A Visit From Fluke

Time: 30:05
Recorded: 1979 -- Played: On Feedback

Made for Feedback 1979 Special

Jeffy The Psychologist

Time: 27:27
Recorded: 1980 -- Played: On Feedback

Made for Feedback 1980 Special

Stu's Alter Ego

Time: 27:19
Recorded: 1980 -- Played: On Feedback

Made for Feedback 1981 Special

From Birth To Baldness Part 1

Time: 16:47
Recorded: Early 1976

From Birth To Baldness Part 2
From Baldness To More Baldness

Time: 18:45
Recorded: Fall 1976

From Birth To Baldness Part 3
...And Still More Baldness

Time: 22:48
Recorded: Summer 1977

From Birth To Baldness Part 4
Baldness Like You Wouldn't Believe

Time: 22:54
Recorded: 1978

From Birth To Baldness Part 5
That Old Chaim Gang Of Mine

(1985) Another look at the life story of Al Bernay.
"That Old Chain Gang Of Mine"
Special Guests: Ann Bernay, Bryan W. Feedback & Paul Mack.
Part Five of a series of recordings in the life history of Al Bernay.

Part 1 Time 17:29

Part 2 Time 16:33

Summer 1985

Comedy Music Line
Run by Mark Reseda
818-407-1000 & other numbers Located in Reseda
He ran of course comedy music that you might hear on Doctor Demento. He would take comments like the other comment lines and make a show out of it.


Partial Recording Time 11:25 Summer 1991
Intros Came From the REC Generation 3 System,
(the second to the last Chatsworth system,
last Chatsworth system was MegaCity)
Mixed by Bo Zipkin of K-Fone
Features: Sharon from Hollywood, Stacy Reseda &
"El Monte" sung by Ricky Rosemead & The Arcadians
(Rich E. Calcom singing)

Run by Mark "Partyline"
993-1974 Located in Northridge
Played radio programs. The theme song was always the Meko disco version of the Close Encounters Of The Third Kind theme.

The Shokus Hotline
Run by Stu and Dave
784-4936 990-4935 Located in Sherman Oaks
Started in 1972
First heard about "The Shokus Hotline" from an interview on a local pirate radio station (K-SOUR "Sherman Oaks Underground Radio" 830-AM) in late 1973, run by Wayne Slater. I missed the number mentioned on the radio, so I called the station.

Played original content (skits), plus once a week "The Adventures of the Tooth Fairy" and later on the "Chickenman" series (Recorded off of KGBS-FM 97.1). Stu had several answer live nights where he would play some of the bloopers or whatever you wanted to hear. There was mailbag one day a week. People would write in and their letters would be read. One time I surprised Stu by writing him from the Army when I was in Texas.

Recordings Late 1973

Out On The Town With Al Bernay

#3  The Hundred Dollar Bill Shokus Quiz

Including Takes, All the phone sequences
Copied From The Original Tape

Part 1

Part 2

#4  Watergate Hotline Outtakes

Stu thinks another joke line is spying on them.
Copied From The Original Tape

Part 1

Part 2

Prelude To Cal Worthington

Copied From The Original Tape

Part 1

Part 2

The Boss Hotline

Copied From The Original Tape

Dragnet Spoof (1973)

Stu uses his sister as one of the characters.
Recorded off The Phone

Collection of TV Clips (1973)

Recorded off The Phone

Joke Night (1973)

That's me here telling Stu a joke.
Recorded off The Phone

Celebrity Clips

Copied From The Original Tape

Run by Bob "Soundstage"
Located in the Wilshire area
The recordings of old radio programs.

Picture of Bob Soundstage

Bob "Soundstage"
Picture taken at a phone party at a park in Westminister

Run by Bill "Suprise"
787-7473 Located in Van Nuys
The recordings where of old radio programs. Bill use to interview famous people back in the late 70's and early 80's. It would have been great if he was able to play these interviews.


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